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International Curator Competition for the Estonian exhibition at the 2016 La Biennale di Venezia Architecture Exhibition

The Curator Competition to find the project to represent Estonia at the next international architecture exhibition in Venice in 2016, is now closed. The first stage of the two-stage public international competition closed on 31st August 2015, bringing 22 proposals.

As announced on 22nd September, three proposals moved onto the second stage, with 19 October as deadline for more detailed and budgeted project proposals. The jury of the competition met on 22 October, selecting proposal "Baltic Atlas" as the winner to represent Estonia in Venice in 2016.

Both the competition and the Estonian exhibition at the 15th Biennale di Venezia Architecture Exhibition are organised by the Estonian Centre of Architecture in co-operation with the Union of Estonian Architects and with support from Estonian Ministry of Culture and and Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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Triin Männik
Press Relations for the Estonian Exposition
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Questions and answers (last updated 19.07.2015):

Q: According to the terms and conditions, the first stage is anonymous. At the same time requirements to the submission e-mail read that it shall include a letter of confirmation digitally signed by the authors. How will the entry remain anonymous, then?
A: The letter of the confirmation, signed by the authors is not going to be forwarded to the jury as part of the entry materials for evaluation. Thus, the letter of confirmation will not reveal the authors to the jury and therefore does not contradict the anonymity requirement.

Q: Certificate for digital signature: should it be issued by an official state authority or can it be just my private certificate?
A: It can be either of those options: if the authors are from Estonia, they can use the Estonian digital signature system. If the authors are from elsewhere, they can sign the letter, scan it and attach it to the submission email.

Q: How should the concept description be sent? Should it be written just in the body of the letter or be attached as a separate document? Are there any requirements for it's formatting?
A: The concept description should be attached as a separate document. There are no requirements for formatting.

Q: Should I attach visualization images as separate files or embed them directly in the description?
A: Visualizations could be embedded directly in the description, or images could also be attached as separate files – in the latter case, please refer to the images (file names) appropriately in the concept description. For large files You can share them via a Dropbox link, use WeTransfer or any other similar service.

Q: If I have several possible design concepts, how should they be submitted? Should it be one entry, or separate descriptions in one letter, or several letters?
A: In case you have several possible design concepts, they should be sent as separate descriptions, accompanied by other requested documentation, in separate letters.

Q: What is the code word? Is it a kind of anonymous identifier for an entry?
A: The code word is indeed an anonymous identifier for an entry.

Q: Is it possible to get some plan of Estonian exhibition place?
A: We have not fixed a space yet within the exhibition space in Venice.

Q: Will the jury review the proposals in printed format or in digital format? And what’s the size if they are printed?
A: The proposals will be reviewed in both printed (usually A4 or A3 format) and digital versions.

Q: Is it possible to have a creative medium of visualisation? Such as Interactive PDF or video.
A: Additional materials can be added.

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